Arnau Gàmez i Montolio

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Hey there! 👋

I'm Arnau, a Catalan hacker, security researcher and mathematician with a strong bias towards software security and reverse engineering.

Specialized in software protection research and development (obfuscation, cryptography, mixed boolean-arithmetic algebra, inverse mappings, etc.) from a dual attack-and-defense perspective both in academia and industry. I also have vast experience as a malware analyst in the antivirus sector and security engineer in the gaming industry.

I'm the founder of Fura Labs, a boutique security firm and consultancy focused on software protection research and education. Speaker and trainer at several international security conferences.

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Training:   Advanced Software Protection - Attacks and Defense
Location:   In-person / Remote
Length:   4 days (flexible)
Training:   An Analytical Approach to Modern Binary Deobfuscation
Location:   In-person / Remote
Length:   4 days (flexible)


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