Year Event Title With Language Materials
2020 Hack In The Box Lockdown 002 A Review of Modern Code Deobfuscation Techniques   EN
2020 RuhrSec Code emulation for reverse engineers: A deep dive into radare2’s ESIL   EN
2020 h-c0n Overcoming fear: reversing with radare2   ES
2019 R2CON A journey through ESIL: understanding code emulation within radare2   EN
2019 Hack In The Box Amsterdam Overcoming fear: reversing with radare2   EN
2019 Overdrive Conference Stack machines unchained: code emulation with ESIL   EN
2018 R2CON Introducing radare2 for humans   EN
2018 Overdrive Conference Playing with binary formats   EN
2018 No cON Name LAB Brief introduction to reverse engineering using radare2   EN/ES
2018 RootedCON Hacking Tokens: A Massive Proof of Concept Ismael Benito EN/ES
2018 HackDay (UdG) IoT, S stands for security Gerard Finol EN
2017 HackDay (UdG) Introduction to reversing and steganography with radare Enric Florit EN
2017 Matefest - Infofest (UB) Auditing WiFi networks   EN